Weems and Plath Hand Bearing Compass Product evaluate

The Hand bearing compass is a relied on tool used by sailors to affirm positioning, determine if you are securely at anchor on a collision route or verifying your function as a again as much as the GPS. The Weems & Plath Hand Compass (version 2004) stands proud among other bearing compasses as correct, long lasting and compact. The Weems & Plath 2004 compass is straightforward to examine both day or night. it is held near the attention so it is strong and it’s really readable even in case you wear glasses.The compass is armored with a brightly colored yellow and blue rubber housing that protects the compass and makes it smooth to find. The Weems & Plath hand bearing compass is a hockey p.c. fashion compass this is mild weight and without difficulty to stow in a jacket pocket or around your neck. it is easy an unobtrusive to wear or stuff on your pocket. This makes the compass easy to have available and geared up to take a bearing. I choose the hockey % style (vs. pistol grip) because you can maintain it close to your eye to take the studying that’s a completely consistent position in place of patterns that require keeping it the compass far from your frame. This increases the degree of issue in getting an accurate bearing is the boat is in rough conditions.This fashion hand bearing compass is held in opposition to your cheek to take bearings which can be less complicated to take correct bearings, in particular on a rocking vessel. The Weems & Plath hand bearing compass is similar in look and fine to the Plastimo Iris 50 hand bearing compass. The Weems & Plath version 2004 hand bearing compass is for the northern hemisphere best. At less that $a hundred and fifty, this is a actual quality navigation tool that you will be glad to have on board.This Weems & Plath hand bearing compass functions:
Compass comes complete with directions for use, a compass calibration certificates, and a compass lanyard for neck or wrist.
convenience. A heading can be quickly decided via looking immediately down on the compass and analyzing the direction proven thru the magnifying lens.
A strong bearing appears in the prism in ideal attention day or night. smooth to plat a bearing accurately within 1-2 stages.
A liquid-dampened card with picture luminescent night time lighting fixtures that quick costs through placing the compass for only some seconds below vivid mild. No batteries are required for this Weems & Plath compass.
Contrasting black and crimson numbers at the hand bearing compass card make it brief, clean and clean to examine.
To take the bearing of a point, the compass is held close to the eye and study down the line of sight. easier than the fingers period bearing compasses in tough conditions.
Lifetime warranty
Weems & Plath manufacturing unit licensed – accurate to within 1 diploma